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Enrollment Eligibility

Who is Eligible: To qualify for admission into our program, a woman must:

  • Be willing to let go of their old life.

  • Have the desire to love and be loved unconditionally.

  • Clients that do not meet criteria will be referred to other outside agencies.

Program Design: Radical Restoration is a 12-18 month residential discipleship program structured in three phases:

Phase 1:


Every applicant must complete a mandatory 90-day intensive. The first 90 days of their program is focused on surrender, prayer, study and personal application of the Word. During this time they will be nurtured while developing a plan of action specific to each client and their needs and goal.

The remaining time is to assist the client with all necessary elements to complete their goals upon graduation. Which will include: group counseling, prevention and intervention, biblical teaching, case management, career counseling, job training, financial stability and family reunification support.

Phase 2:


In this Phase they are enrolled in Covenant Bible College and Seminary. Through this training they are able to put into action what they’ve learned so far and begin to build their life on a solid foundation. Each client who graduates from the Radical Restoration Ministries program is eligible to receive a 6 year scholarship toward a degree in Theology.  With many clients earning a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

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